Health Services

Mission Statement: 

The Dawson County School Health Services main goal is to ensure our students have optimal health. Students must learn to be healthy and be healthy to learn.  A tired mind and body can’t comprehend; therefore, they do not learn to their potential.

Director of Student Health: Vikki Brannon,  x1125

Black’s Mill Elementary, x1217

Angela Howell, RN

Dawson County High School, x1430

Michelle Hardin, LPN

Dawson County Jr High, x1806

Karen Cox, LPN

Dawson County Middle, x1305

Amanda Kubat, RN

Kilough Elementary, x2253

Teri Turner, RN

Riverview Elementary, x1902

Karen Lacy, LPN

Robinson Elementary, x1123

Hannah Duran, RN BSN

Health References:

Is your Child Too Sick for Childcare or School?

Prevent spread of viruses and contagious illnesses

Lice: General Prevention and Directive Steps

Medication Administration Procedures 


Allergies (IF EpiPen is required)

            Allergy Action Plan (Food)

            Allergy Action Plan (Not Food related)

            Self-Administration Epi Pen

Asthma (IF Inhaler or Medication is required)

            Asthma Action Plan

            Self-Administration Inhaler

Diabetes Medical Management Plan

Medications (during school hours)

Seizures Action Plan

Consent for Health Services (update annually with school)

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Ga Dept of Health:

Public Health:

Flu Update:
DCS Flu Update 

Flu Information:

Flu Vaccine Information Sheet : English
Flu Vaccine Information Sheet: Spanish