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SCHOOL YEAR 2020-2021

Are you interested in a GA Pre K spot for this current school year (2020-2021)? There may be an opening in one of our Pre-K classrooms!

Remember, your child must have turned 4 by September 1 2020 to be eligible. 

 Click HERE to be contacted by our Pre K Director.  

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SCHOOL YEAR 2021-2022

Application Window for GA Pre K for 2021-2022:
March 1 - 12, 2021

Lottery Day for GA Pre K for 2021-2022:
March 15, 2021 

Each Year, enrollment for Dawson County Schools GA Pre-K is based upon a lottery system, as specified in the operating guidelines from Bright from the Start. Priority will be given to children of Dawson County Schools employees, as well as to students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP). A team of central office staff members will randomly draw names for the remaining Pre-K spots on the day of the lottery.  If your child's name is chosen, you will be contacted within 48 hours of the lottery to complete the enrollment process. You will be required to make a registration appointment and turn in all required documentation to complete your child's enrollment for GA Pre-K.  

Information about our Pre-K Programs:
The Dawson County School's Pre-K Program is a GA Pre-K program,  funded through the Georgia Lottery and the Dawson County School SystemIt was created to prepare eligible 4-year-old children for Kindergarten. Students must be 4 on or before September 1 and be Dawson County residents to be eligible for Dawson County Pre-K during the current school year. GA Pre-K Programs operate under Bright From The Start: The Department of Early Care and Learning and follow their rules and regulations. Class size is restricted, so space is limited in our Pre-K programs. Enrollment is based on a lottery system. For more information, visit Bright from the Start.

Pre-K programs operate on the Dawson County School System calendar and under the same school day times.
We currently have 5 GA Pre-K classes in Dawson County:
2 at Riverview Elementary School
2 at Kilough Elementary School
1 at Robinson Elementary School

Dawson County Schools Pre-K Staff:

Lauren Stephenson, Pre-K Director

Lynn Hess, Pre-K Teacher, KES
Ami Phines, Pre-K Teacher, KES
Michelle Strickland, Pre-K Assistant, KES
Callie McNeilly, Pre-K Assistant, KES

Cassandra Dunnigan, Pre-K Teacher, RVES
Tabitha Bryant, Pre-K Teacher, RVES
Lori Ellis, Pre-K Assistant, RVES
Hope Spence, Pre-K Assistant, RVES

Torina Walls, Pre-K Teacher, RES
Barbie Thurmond, Pre-K Assistant, RES

Karmen Talley, Pre-K Special Education Paraprofessional

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