Preschool Program (Ages 3-5)

Tiger P.R.E.P.
Preschool Readiness Education Program
Serving preschool students ages 3-5

Welcome to Tiger P.R.E.P.!

This program is dedicated to the early identification and services of children, ages 3-5, with developmental delays and other exceptionalities. The program is designed with the developmental stages of the young child in mind. The curriculum offers pre-academic, play-based activities through which a child's Individual Education Program can be addressed. Tiger PREP services are provided in a variety of locations throughout Dawson County, including a child's preschool or daycare provider or in a Tiger PREP classroom. 

If a child is found eligible for services, one or more of the following supports may be offered: social/emotional, adaptive, motor, communication, and/or cognitive support, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, and hearing/vision services. Services offered will be based on student needs. 

If you suspect a child under your care may be experiencing a delay, please notify Tiger PREP by contacting:
Christine Pittman
Pre-School Facilitator
phone: 706-265-3246 ext. 1046

Process for Qualifying for Special Education Services - Preschool Ages 3-5 years

1. Obtain a request for screening. Click HERE to download the request for screening, or contact Christine Pittman to pick one up. 

2. Complete the request and return to the Preschool Department, located at Riverview Elementary School. You may also scan and email the packet to Christine Pittman.

3. The Preschool Department will contact you to set up a screening in all 5 areas of development: communication, motor, adaptive, emotional/social, and cognitive. Screenings can be completed at RVES or the Dawson County daycare/pre-k your child attends. 

4. IF the screening reveals a potential delay, you will be notified and asked to sign consent for a more comprehensive evaluation. You will be given an evaluation packet to complete. The packet includes a questionnaire, parent rights, parental rights verification, and a list of registration documents to be submitted. Return the evaluation packet to Lauren Stephenson. Once the packet is received, the evaluation will be scheduled and completed. 

5. A report will be produced detailing the evaluation and the results. This report will be discussed at an eligibility meeting, and team members will include you (the parent), the evaluators, therapists, and teachers. 

6. IF your child qualifies, you will be asked to sign consent for placement in special education. Once that is signed, an IEP (Individualized Education Program) will be developed by the team. This document will include present levels of performance, goals, objectives, services, supports, and any other special factors that may apply. 

7. If your child does not already attend one of our Dawson County Pre K classes, you will need to register your child in PowerSchool to be able to receive services. You will need to turn in all required registration documents prior to the start of services. 

Please contact Christine Pittman with any questions. 
706-265-3246 ext. 1046

Tiger PREP Preschool Classrooms

We currently have two preschool classrooms, our Tiger Tots Class and Tiger Cubs Class. Both of these classes are composed of both typically and atypically-developing preschool students. We know this as a "typical peer preschool" program. 

The typical peer preschool program allows children with developmental delays to interact with and be exposed to typical peer behavior and development. These classes provide valuable services and opportunities for students with disabilities. Research has shown that students learn from their peers. The biggest area of need our preschoolers have is in social skills and language development. By participating in a preschool classroom with typically-developing peers, students with disabilities have peer models for learning social interaction, imaginative play, social language, fine and gross motor skills, and preschool concepts. Many of our preschoolers have successfully transitioned into one of our GA Pre K classes, and then into general education kindergarten with minimal services. Some of our students have even been dismissed from special education before entering kindergarten! We firmly believe that all children can succeed and that providing early intervention is key to closing the gap and addressing developmental delays.

Our typical peer preschool class provides a rich learning environment for our youngest Dawson County students to develop skills needed for success in school. 

Check out this video that highlights the value of our typical peer preschool classrooms!