GHSA Guidelines 6-8-2020

GHSA Guidance
Posted on 05/29/2020
Voluntary athletic conditioning guidelines will begin on June 8, 2020

Guidance for Returning to Conditioning 


In accordance with the Georgia High School Association (GHSA), the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the Department of Public Health (DPH), and the Governor’s office, Dawson County Schools will begin its preparation for the return of sporting events in the fall. Student-athletes will be permitted to begin training and conditioning starting June 8th, 2020. Dawson County Schools will be implementing specific guidelines to ensure the safety and health of our students, staff, and coaches. 

Guidelines beginning June 8th, 2020 include:

  1. All summer workouts are voluntary.

  2. Dawson County School may implement more restrictive guidelines than the GHSA, but not less than GHSA.

  3. Workouts are conditioning only, no balls or sport-specific equipment may be used during Phase One.

  4. Dawson County schools have prepared an infectious disease prevention plan prior to staff and athletes returning to conditioning. Facilities will be routinely cleaned per CDC recommendations and the Dawson County Schools disinfection protocols.

  5. Staff members and athletes will be screened prior to each workout.

    1. Each student-athlete, staff, & coach will fill out COVID-19 survey prior to each training session and answers will be documented daily.

      1. The use of a Google-Form specifically designated for your sport will be used.

      2. Each student will scan an individualized QR Codes when they arrive for documentation purposes.

    2. Temperatures will be taken prior to each workout via infrared, no-contact, thermometer.

    3. Any athlete exhibiting a temperature greater than 100.3 degrees fahrenheit will be dismissed, and will be unable to report back to conditioning for 72 hours, or until they are fever free (without fever-reducing medications).

  6. Signage will be posted at every facility that is being used with the following questions:

    1. Do you or have you had a fever in the last week?

      1. Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    2. Have you been diagnosed with COVID-19?

      1. What to do if you are sick with 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

    3. Have you been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?

      1. Public Health Recommendations for Community-Related Exposure

    4. Have you traveled to a hot spot for COVID-19?

      1. COVID19-Traveler-Info-Card.pdf

  7. There will be a limit to the number of student-athletes, including coaches, for workouts per sport at any given time at campus or facility. The number is restricted to a group of 20 total.

    1. Facilities will include: DCHS, DCJHS, DCMS, Rock Creek Sports Complex, Veteran’s Park

    2. Student-athlete will arrive at their designated training facility and will not be transported from facility to facility.

    3. Student-athletes will remain in his/her vehicle until their training session begins.

    4. There will be no congregating allowed before or after training sessions.

  8. Groups will be the same individuals, including coaches, for each session to limit risk of exposure. Students or coaches will not be allowed to change groups for the entire duration of this guidance.

  9. There will be no use of any locker rooms or shower facilities. Students should report to the facility dressed to condition and shower at home.

    1. Please limit bringing personal belongings to the training session.

  10. Weight equipment will be cleaned prior to each workout and properly sanitized between use by each student.

  11. Hand sanitizer will be plentiful and readily available upon arrival and throughout conditioning.

    1. Student-athletes, staff, and coaches will be required to sanitize/wash their hands prior to entering session, prior to rotating to next stations, and prior to leaving session.

    2. Washing hands with soap and water for greater than 20 second is recommended if hand sanitizer is not available.

  12. Each student will need to bring their own personal water bottle. There will be no use of any water fountains or shared water bottles. We recommend each student bring at least 1 gallon of water for each conditioning session. If you do not bring your own water, you will be asked to leave for the day. 

  13. Side spots only in the weight training area, safety bars are preferred.

  14. Social distancing should be adhered to at all times.

  15. The student-athletes, staff, coaches will be allowed to wear masks/face covering if they desire to, but these masks/face coverings will not be provided. 

  16. There will be at least 15 minutes between any scheduled sessions. This will allow for proper disinfection of the facility.

  17. No visitors are allowed during conditioning sessions.