DCMS/DCJH/DCHS Bus Information

DRIVER:Brenda Daniel
6:15-Hwy 53
6:17- River Valley Rd
6:18- River Valley Rd X Evergreen Dr
6:20-River Valley Rd
6:25-Hwy 53
6:30- Dawson Forest Apts ( Back entr)
6:35- White Oak Learning Academy
6:38- Robs Way X Hwy 53
6:41-Meadow Ct x Hwy 53
6:46- Brights way
6:55- Gober Rd  (2nd Entrance)
6:59-Thompson Rd
7:03-Thompson Rd X River oak Ct
7:07-Thompson Rd X Ratcliff Dr 
7:11-Thompson Rd 
7:23- Dawson County Middle School 
7:26- Dawson County High school 
7:30-Dawson County Junior High


2:37-Dawson County High School 
2:55-Dawson County Middle School
3:04- Thompson Rd
3:07-Thompson Rd X Ratcliff Dr 
3:08-Thompson Rd X River Oak Dr
3:10- Thompson Rd X River Oak Ct
3:12-Hwy 53
3:14-River Valley Rd X Evergreen Dr
3:17- River Valley Rd 
3:18-Hwy 53
3:24- Dawson Forest Apts (Back ent)
3:27-White Oak Learning Academy
3:30-Prominance Ct office building
3:32-Robs Way 
3:34- Meadow Ct X Hwy 53
3:37-Brights way 
3:40- Gates of Etowah (subd)
3:42- Gober Rd ( 2nd Entrance)
3:44-Hwy 53

DRIVER:Cindy Sheriff
6:30-Keith Evans Rd 
6:35-Old Henry Grady
6:13-Tanner Hall Rd 
6:17-Dollar Rd
6:27- Aplomado Ln X Peregrine Ln
6:29-Aplomado Ln
6:31- Red Hawk Dr X Peregrine Ln
6:38-Ravencroft Dr
6:41-Lochmere ln X Crowne Point Dr
6:44- Gold Bullion Dr W
6:51-Gold Creek Dr
6:52-Hwy 136
6:56- Hwy 9 X Park Place
7:00- Joseph Lane
7:03- Goswick Dr 
7:05-Hwy 9
7:07- Dawsonville Apts
7:07- Maple Hill Dr 
7:08-Allen Street 
7:11-Dawson County High School 
7:13- Dawson County Junior High
7:29-Dawson County Middle School

2:28-Dawson County High School 
2:54-Dawson County Middle School
3:12-Allen St
3:14-Dawson County Library
3:15-Perimeter Rd X Rand 
3:17- High school Bus Stop
3:18-Robinson elem Bus stop
3:21- Hwy 9
3:24-Joseph Lane
3:29-Goswick Dr
3:32-Hwy 136
3:39- Red Hawk Dr
3:40-Aplomado Ln E X Perigrine Ln E 
3:44- Aplomado lane
3:46-Red Hawk Dr
3:57-Gold Bullion Dr E 
4:00- Gold Bullion Dr 
4:04- Lochmere Ln X Crown point Dr
4:06- Ravencroft  Dr
4:18-Dollar Rd 
4:23-Tanner Hall Rd 
4:30- Old Henry Grady Rd 

DRIVER:Leslie Brooks

6:13-Spring Place
6:15-Riverbend Rd
6:24-Stowers Rd X White Oak
6:35-Moss Hills X Via Toscana
6:36-Lake Valley Ct
6:39-Price Rd 
6:40-Donald Moss Rd X Lake Mist Dr
6:42-Dogwood way 
6:46-Night Fire Dr X Blue Heron Blf
6:52- Heath Rd/Glass Place 
6:55- Lakeside  Tire Shop 
7:15- Robinson  Elem Bus stop 
7:17- Perimeter Rd X Rand
7:19-Dawson County High School 
7:22- Dawson County Junior High 
7:38-Dawson County Middle School

2:30-Dawson County Middle school
2:40-Dawson County Junior High School
2:50-Dawson County High School
2:57-Perimeter Rd X Rand Way
3:00-Robinson elementary Bus stop
3:03- Spring Place
3:07- River Bend Rd 
3:10- Stowers Rd X White Oak
3:13- Mountainside Dr
3:16- Moss Hills X Via Toscana
3:19-Lake Valley Ct
3:22-Donald Moss Rd X Lake Mist 
3:25-Night Fire Drive X Blue Herron Blf
3:29-Heath Rd /Glass Place
3:35- Lakeside Tire Shop

DRIVER:Brenda Hutchins
AM Route
6:11-Maple Ridge Lake Dr
6:16-Norma Rd 
6:28-Rabbit Run
6:30-Vandiviere Rd 
6:33- Old Mill Creek 
6:34- Lake Rd 
6:39-Clifton Dr
6:40- Hugh Stowers Rd 
6:43- Thompson Rd X old Savannah Pl
6:43-Thompson Rd 
6:44-Thompson Rd X Bolton Dr
6:48- Martin Rd 
6:48-Bannister Rd 
6:53-Dawson County Middle school 
7:08- Dawson County High School 
7:11- Dawson County  Junior High School

2:30-Dawson County High School 
2:46-Dawson County Middle School 
2:50-Bannister Rd 
2:54-Martin Rd 
2:55-Thompson Rd X Bolton Rd 
2:55- Thompson Rd 
2:56-Rabbit Run 
2:58-Vandiviere Rd 
3:00- Old Mill Creek 
3:02-Lake Rd
3:04- Valley Rd
3:06-Clifton Dr
3:07-Hugh Stowers Rd 
3:10-Thampson Rd X Old Savannah Pl
3:11-Thompson Rd 
3:17-Hwy 9 South 
3:17-Jenkins rd
3:19-Hill top Dr
3:21-Norma Rd 
3:28-Maple Ridge Lake Dr

DRIVER:Faye Wisson
6:21-Biscayne Dr x Keys Ct
6:22-Bay Dr X Sandcastle Ct
6:24-Bay Dr X Seabreeze Way
6:25-Harbour Dr X Bay Dr
6:25-Bay Dr
6:30-Stowers Rd 
6:31-Harmony Church Rd 
6:34-Price Rd X Day Rd
6:34-Grant Ford Dr
6:36-Grant Ford Dr X Dawson Dr
6:40-Grant Trl X Grant Ford Dr
6:41-Price Rd 
6:45-Silver Fox  Dr
6:49-Harmony Church Rd
7:02-Dawson County High 
7:10-Dawson County Junior High
7:22-Dawson County Middle School 

2:20-Dawson County Junior High
2:36-Dawson County Middle School 
2:56-Biscayne Dr X Keys Ct
2:56-Bay Dr X Seabreeze Way
2:58-Harbour Dr X Bay Dr
3:03-Stowers Rd 
3:05-Harmony Church Rd
3:07-Price rd 
3:08- Price Rd X Day Rd
3:09-Grant Ford Dr
3:14-Grant Ford X Dawson Dr
3:17-Grant Trl X Grant Ford Dr
3:19-Price Rd 
3:19-Silver fox Dr
3:24-Harmony Church Rd

DRIVER:Julia Gallotti

6:07-Hwy 53-War Hill Church
6:10-War Hill Park Rd
6:18-War Hill Park rd X Sams Rd
6:23- Athens Boat Club Entrance
6:24-Oak Grove Rd X War Hill Park Rd
6:25- Brookwood Drive W
6:25-Barker Rd
6:30-Longview Dr
6:32-Indian Cove Rd 
6:40-Harbour Ridge Dr
6:41-Liberty Church Rd
6:44-Dogwood Lane
6:45-Dogwood lane X Diane Cir
6:48-War Hill Park Rd
6:50-Sundown Way 
6:52- Hwy 53
7:08- Dawson County Middle School 
7:21- Dawson County High school 
7:24- Dawson County Junior High

2:20-Dawson County High School 
2:35-Dawson County Middle School
2:53-Sundown Dr 
2:56-War Hill Park Rd
2:57-Dogwood Lane X Diane Circle
3:00-Dogwood lane
3:03- Liberty Church Rd
3:03-War Hill Park Rd
3:07-Harbour Ridge 
3:08-Barker Rd 
3:09-Indian Cove Rd
3:11-Longview Dr
3:13-Barker Rd
3:16-Brookwood Drive W
3:18-Oak Grove Rd X War Hill Park Rd
3:20-Athens Boat Club Rd- Entrance
3:21-Dogwood Dr X Athens Boat Club
3:26-War Hill Park Rd X Sams Rd 
3:32- Woody Hill Cir

DRIVER: Felicia Smith
6:19-Lumpkin Campground Rd 
6:25-Kilough Church Rd 
6:29-Chestnut Oak Lane
6:30-Sexton Corners
6:33-Walnut Cove X Kilough Church Rd 
6:36-Couch Rd 
6:39-Couch Rd X Sweet Gum Dr
6:40-Hwy 53 X Hughes Ct
6:43-Thompson Creek park Rd
6:49-Harolds Ln X Blue ridge Overlook
6:51-Blue Ridge Overlook 
6:53-Blue Ridge Overlook  X Summitview Ct 
6:55- Oakmont Dr X Carlisle Rd 
6:59-Carlisle Rd 
7:15- Dawson County Middle School 
7:29-Dawson County  High School
7:32-Dawson County Junior High

2:30-Dawson County High School 
2:46-Dawson County Middle School
3:17-Carlisle Rd 
3:18-Oakmont Dr X Carlisle Rd (Highland point)
3:23-Blue Ridge Overlook  X Summitview Ct (Summit Subd)
3:24- Blue Ridge Overlook
3:29-Office Complex
3:30-Old Kroger
3:31-Hwy 53 X Hughes Ct
3:34-Thompson Creek Park Rd
3:38-Couch Rd X Sweet Gum Dr
3:40-Couch Rd
3:44-Walnut Cove X Kilough Church Rd 
3:47-Kilough Elementary Bus Stop
3:48-Sexton Corners 
3:49-Oak Forest Dr X Willow Oak Ln
3:53-Chestnut Oak  Lane
3:55-Kilough Church Rd 
4:01-Lumpkin Campground Rd 

6:15-Red Rider Rd
6:22-Pineneedle Dr X Harry Sosebee Rd 
6:22-Heard Dr
6:23-Heard Dr X Blacks Mill Way
6:25-Blacks Mill Rd 
6:27-Blacks Mill Dr X Blacks Mill Rd
6:28-Blacksmill Rd 
6:33-Lumpkin Campground Rd S 
6:34-Lumpkin Campground Rd S X Dawson Trace
6:34-Weeping Willow Ln X Dawson Trace
6:35-Deep Forest Trl X Cross Sabre 
6:37- Lumpkin Campground Rd S 
6:38- Lee Castleberry Rd X Ashland Oak  Cir 
6:38-Shade Tree Rd 
6:38-Shade Tree Rd X Shade Tree Pl
6:41-Lumpkin Campground Rd 
6:43-Freeland Rd X Freeland Farm Dr
6:54-Dawson County Middle School 
7:12-Dawson County High School 
7:17-Dawson County Junior High school 


2:15-Dawson County Junior High
2:58- Dawson County Middle School 
3:04-Red Rider Rd 
3:04-Freeland Rd X Freeland Farm Dr
3:09-Freeland Rd X Stonehedge Dr
3:10-Stonecreek Ln E
3:12-Lumpkin Campground Rd 
3:15-Lee Castleberry Rd X Ashland Oak Cir
3:15- Shade Tree Rd X Shade Tree Pl
3:20-Dawson Trace
3:21-Weeping Willow Ln X Dawson Trc
3:26- Lumpkin Campground Rd 
3:27-Pineneedle Dr X Harry Sosebee Rd 
3:28-Heard Dr
3:29-Blacks  Mill Rd 
3:29-Walls Dr X Blacks Mill Rd 
3:32-Heard Dr X Blacks Mill way  
3:35-Blacks Mill Dr  X Blacks Mill Rd
3:36-Blacks Mill Rd 
3:42-Lumpkin Campground Rd

DRIVER:Lynda Hudson
6:10-Spring Ridge Ct
6:10-Spring Ridge Ct X Wood Valley Trc
6:12-Spring Ridge Dr
6:22-GoldenRod  Overlook X Mayapple Gln
6:28-Mayapple Gln X Buttercup Trl
6:28-Mayapple Gln
6:33-Kingston Ct
6:36-Me N U Way X Hanging Dog Rd
6:36- Hanging Dog Rd 
6:40-Grizzle Rd 
6:56-Dawson County Middle School 
7:11-Dawson County High School 
7:14-Dawson County Junior High

2:30-Dawson County Junior High
2:46-Dawson County Middle school
2:53-Grizzle Rd 
2:57-Hanging Dog Rd
2:57- Me N U Way X Hanging Dog Rd
3:08- Trillium Ridge
3:12- Kingston Ct
3:17-Mayapple Gln X Buttercup Trl
3:17-Mayapple Glen
3:23-Goldenrod Overlook X Mayapple Gln
3:24- Columbine Glade
3:27-Valley Brook Cir W X Old Still Ct
3:28-Valley Brook Circle W
3:31-Spring Ridge Ct  X Wood Valley Trc
3:33-Spring Ridge Dr

DRIVER:Robert Bynum

6:25-Pinewood Trl
6:25-Dawson Forest Rd
6:29-Conductor Dr
6:32-Box Car way W
6:33-Flagman St 
6:34-Switchman Ln
6:37-Chars Family Daycare
6:40-Dawson Forest  Rd 
6:41-Riley place Dr
6:43-Depot Dr 
6:47-Whitney Pl 
6:53-Dawson Forest Rd 
6:52-WD Moore Dr X Dawson Forest Rd E
6:53-Early Bird Ln X Dawson Forest Rd 
6:56-Blacks Mill Ct 
7:04-Dawson County Middle school 
7:22-Dawson County High School
7:25-Dawson County Junior High


2:50-Dawson County middle School
2:55- Dawson Manner Ct
3:01-Blacks Mill Elementary Stop
3:03-Pinewood Trl
3:05-PineKnoll Dr X Pinewood Trl
3:06-Pinewood Trl
3:10-Dawson Forest Rd
3:15-Conductor way
3:18-Box Car way
3:19-Flagman st
3:24-Little shopping Mall
3:28-Dawson Forest Rd
3:30-Riley Place Dr 
3:32- Depot Dr
3:36-Whitney Pl 
3:37-Dawson forest Rd E
3:38-WD Moore X Dawson forest Rd
3:38- Early Bird Ln X Dawson Forest Rd
3:37-Dawson Forest Rd E 
3:39-Blacks Mill Ct

DRIVER:Vicki Cole

6:11- Sweetwater Juno X Rainbow Lake Dr
6:12-Sweetwater Juno Rd X King Dr
6:14-Goldmine Rd
6:15- Goldmine Rd X Cypress Trl
6:18-Nuggett Rdge X Davis Rd
6:19-Nuggett Rdge Rd  X Golden Ridge Ct
6:20- Nuggett Ridge Rd 
6:23- Sweetwater Juno Rd 
6:32- Reece Rd 
6:34- Robert Gibby Rd 
6:41-Grover Burt Rd 
6:47-Cleve wright Rd 
6:58-Howser Mill Rd 
6:59-Howser Mill Rd X Hillbilly Dr
7:09-Mill stone Dr X Mill Crossing 
7:13-Dawson County High School 
7:16-Dawson County Junior High
7:32-Dawson County Middle School

2:30-Dawson County Junior High
2:46-Dawson County Middle School 
3:01- Hwy 53
3:01-Millstone Subd
3:03-Howser Mill Rd 
3:11-Howser Mill Rd  X Hillbilly Rd 
3:17-Cleve wright Rd
3:23- Goldmine Rd 
3:25- Nuggett Ridge 
3:26-Nuggett Ridge Rd X Davis Rd
3:27-Haygood Circle X Nuggett Ridge
3:27-Nuggett Ridge X Golden Ridge Ct
3:28-Nuggett Ridge 
3:30-Sweetwater Juno Rd X Rainbow Lake Dr
3:31-King Dr X Sweetwater Juno Rd 
3:32-Goldmine Rd
3:33-Goldmine Rd X Cypress Trl
3:34-Goldmine Rd X Holly Creek Rd 
3:38- Sweetwater Juno Rd X High Hopes Farm
3:41-Woodys way X Reagan Rd 
3:48-Davenport Rd
3:49- Tatum Trail
3:55-Reece Rd 
3:58-Robert Gibby Rd 
4:02-Grover Burt Rd 

DRIVER:Barkley Wike

6:36-A.T.Moore Road
6:43-Bagwell Rd 
6:44-Salem Church X Salem Drive
6:44-Kelly Bridge Rd X Waverly Ct
6:45-Kelly Bridge Rd X Tiger Lilly Trl
6:46-Kelly Bridge Rd X Fern Ln
6:50-Kelly Bridge Rd X Dillingham Dr 
6:55- Brynbrooke Dr
7:04-Goodson Rd X Bethany Dr
7:07-Dawson County Middle School 
7:22-Dawson County High School 
7:25-Dawson county Junior High

2:20-Dawson County Junior High 
2:36-Dawson County Middle School
2:55-Riverview Elementary Bus stop
2:56- Jewell Slaton Rd 
2:57-Holts Ct X Jewell Slaton Rd 
3:01-A.T.Moore Rd 
3:03-Kelly Bridge Rd
3:06-Bagwell Rd X Donna Dr
3:07-Bagwell Rd 
3:08-Salem Church X Salem Dr
3:10-Bagwell Dr X Bagwell Rd 
3:12-Kelly Bridge Rd X Waverly Ct
3:13-Kelly Bridge Rd X Tiger Lily Trl
3:14-Kelly Bridge Rd X Fern Ln
3:15-Kelly Bridge Rd 
3:23-Brynbrooke Dr
3:32-Goodson Rd 
3:33-Goodson rd X Bethany Dr

DRIVER:Pansy Styles
AM Route

6:05-Fairfax Ct
6:14-Helens Dr 
6:21-Holcomb Rd 
6:24-Spruce Trl
6:26-Hoppy Ln
6:31-Cowart Rd 
6:45-Kelly Bridge Rd
7:00-Bagwell Pl X Bagwell Cir
7:02-Kelly Bridge Rd 
7:20-Dawson County Middle School
7-28-Dawson County High school 
7:35-Dawson County Junior High


2:30-Dawson County High School 
2:45-Dawson County Middle School 
3:04-Coltrane Rd X Kelly Bridge Rd
3:07-Kelly Bridge Rd
3:15-Bagwell Pl X Bagwell Cir
3:15-Bagwell Circle
3:36-Helens Dr 
3:48-Cowart Rd
3:51-Cowart Rd X Fairfax Ct

DRIVER:Andy Eley
5:55-Elliott Family Pky
6:02-Hwy 52 E
6:07-Amicalola Falls State Park Rd (Ranger Station)
6:15-Smith  Circle
6:26-Wildcat Recreation Park
6:29-Steve Tate Rd 
6:45-Hwy 183 X Carter Trl
6:51-Elliott Family Parkway 
6:57- Chastain Mill Rd 
7:04-Elliott Family Pkwy X Rowland Rd 
7:05- Hwy 183 X Mildred Elliott 
7:06-Elliott Family Pkwy X Kathy Lane
7:08- Elliott Family Pkwy/ Hwy 183
7:15-Dawson County Junior High 
7:17-Hightower academy


2:45-Dawson County Middle School
3:15-Elliott Family Pkwy / Hwy 183
3:22- Kathy Lane
3:25-Hwy 183 X Mildred Elliott Rd 
3:37-Rowland Rd X Hwy 183
3:43- Chastain Mill Rd
3:47-Hwy 183 X Carter Trl
3:58- Hwy 52
3:40- Amicalola Fals State Park (Ranger station)
3:46-Smith Cir
3:59-Burnt Mountain gravel Lot
4:10- Wildcat Recreation Park

DRIVER:Amy Carter

6:15-Doyle Martin Rd 
6:16-Lula Garrett Rd 
6:23-Nix Bridge Rd 
6:27-Overlook Drive
6:27-Overlook Dr X Overlook Cr
6:32-Chestatee View Dr
6:36- Chestatee point
6:40-Henry Pirkle Dr 
6:42-Oak Creek Dr X Oak Creek Way
6:42-Oak Creek Dr 
7:04- Dawson County High School 
7:07-Dawson County Junior High 
7:23-Dawson County Middle School 

2:30-Dawson County High School 
2:49-Dawson County Middle School 
3:12-Oak Creek Dr X Oak Creek Way 
3:13-Oak creek Dr 
3:16-Henry Pirkle Dr 
3:17-Lula Garrett  Rd 
3:25-Dean Couch Rd 
3:26-Chestatee Pt
3:29-Chestatee View Dr 
3:35- Nix Bridge Rd 
3:38-Overlook Dr 
3:39-Overlook Dr X Overlook Cr
3:47-Rainey Dr 

DRIVER:Monroe Bailey
6:15-Stone Place 
6:23-Pittman Rd 
6:24-Ashley oaks Dr X Pittman Rd
6:29-Chumbley Rd 
6:32-Biddys Lane (Chicken Houses)
6:35-Holcomb Rd X Mulkey Rd 
6:35-Holcomb Rd 
6:35- Handy Corner Store 
6:37-Cowart Rd 
6:45-Tinsley Rd X Voyles Rd 
6:48-End Of Voyles Rd 
6:53-Sweetwater Juno Rd 
6:55-Sweetwater Juno Rd X Fawn Dr
6:57-Duck Thurmond Rd 
7:04-Hwy 53 X Will Hall Rd 
7:08-Hwy 53 /Amicalola Lodge 
7:09-Creekstone Ln (Round about)
7:10-Hwy 53 E
7:10-Hwy 53 X Marie Dr 
7:14-Dawson County High School 
7:17-Dawson County Junior High School 
7:33-Dawson County Middle School 

2:49-Dawson County Middle School
3:14-Hwy 53 X Marie Dr 
3:15- Hwy 53
3:16-Creekstone Ln (Roundabout)
3:17- Hwy 53/ Amicalola Lodge
3:21-Hwy 53 X Will Hall Rd 
3:29-Duckthurmond Rd 
3:30-Sweetwater Juno Rd X Fawn Dr
3:32-End of Voyles Rd 
3:37-Voyles Rd 
3:39-Tinsley Chapel X Voyles Rd 
3:43-Handy Corner Store 
3:45- Cowart Rd 
3:50-Holcomb Rd 
3:50-Holcomb Rd X Mulkey Rd 
3:53-Biddys Lane (chicken Houses)
3:56-Chumbley Rd 
4:01- Ashley Oaks X Pittman Rd 
4:02-Pittman Rd 
4:08-Stone Place

DRIVER:Patricia Cranford
6:22-New Bethel Church Rd X New Bethel Ct
6:29-New Bethel Church Rd
6:35-Cothran Rd
6:36- Hwy 136 X Sheffield Dr
6:39-Hwy 136 X Gradys Place
6:39-Hwy 136 E
6:44-Hwy 136X Willis Ln
6:46-N seed Tick Rd
6:58-Etowah River Rd 
7:03-Collins Rd X Hwy 53
7:05-Hwy 53/ Gravitt apts
7:07- Dawson County High school 
7:10-Dawson County Junior High


2:30-Dawson County High School 
2:32-Perimeter Rd 
2:33- Perimeter Rd X Ingram  Dr 
2:33- Perimeter Rd X Farmington Woods Cir
2:35- Perimeter Rd X Acorn Rd 
2:43-Frank Bruce Rd 
3:07-N Seed Tick 
3:07- N seed Tick Trl X  N seed Tick Rd 
3:09-Hwy 136 X Willis Ln
3:12-New Bethel Church Rd X Buck Trl
3:47-Hwy 136 X Gradys Place
4:22-Cothran Rd 
4:25- Collins Rd X Hwy 53
4:27- Hwy 53/ Gravitt apts
4:30-Eastgate Dr X Timber Walk 
4:33-Seed Tick Rd 
4:36- Frank Bruce Rd 

DRIVER: Scott Sorrells
6:23-Apple Ridge 1
6:25-Hwy 9 S
6:29-Hwy 9 x Reeves Rd 
6:31-Winding Creek Ct X Burts Crossing Dr
6:32-Burts Crossing Dr 
6:32- Burts Crossing Dr X Ridge Water
6:33-Nashport Ln X Crockett Dr 
6:34-Nashport Ln
6:41- Perimeter Rd X Farmington Woods Cir
6:42-Perimeter Rd 
6:45-Dawsonville Suites 
6:47- S Maple St X Angela Ln
6:48-Gee's Ct X Maple St
6:49-Flat Creek Dr
6:51-S Maple St X Pearl Chambers Dr
6:52-Richmond Dr Subd
6:53- Stegall Pl 
6:56-Alden Ct X Hwy 53
6:58-Dawson County High School 
7:01-Dawson County Junior High 
7:17-Dawson County Middle School


2:18-Dawson County High School 
2:28-Perimeter Rd X Farmington Woods Cir
2:33-Hwy 9 X Aplle Ridge 1
2:35-Hwy 9 X Apple Ridge 2
2:36- Hwy 9 S 
2:46- Dawson County Middle Front Entrance
2:58-Mill Crrek Dr 
3:08-Hwy 9 X Reeves Rd 
3:10-Winding Creek Ct X Burts Crossing Dr 
3:11- Burts Crossing X Ridge Water
3:19-DawsonVille Suites
3:21-Richmond Drive Subd
3:23- S Maple St X Pearle Chambers Dr 
3:24-Maple St X Angela Ln
3:25-Gees ct X S Maple St 
3:27- Flat Creek Dr
3:31- Stegall Pl 
3:35-Alden Ct X Hwy 53

DRIVER:Wesley Bales

5:58-Bailey Waters Rd
6:13- Trinity Ridge Rd
6:13-Adrianne Ln
6:14-Ridge Rd X Deer Trl
6:15-April Trace Rd  X Ridge Rd
6:15-April Trace X Splinter Trail
6:17-Mt View Rd  X Fern Valley Rd 
6:24-Amicalola Dr
6:31- Hwy 136
6:51-New Hope Rd 
7:07- New Hope Cr
7:12- Bearden Rd 
7:19-Sacred Heart Trl
7:19-Hwy 136
7:22-Elliott Ct X Burt Creek Rd 
7:26-Bent Ridge  Dr 
7:30-Perimeter Rd 
7:32- McGregor Lane 
7:36- Orange Circle
7:40- Marmalade trl
7:42- Rainhil Station 
7:44-Melody Lane X Perimeter Rd

2:30-Dawsonville Apts
2:32- Maple Hill Dr
2:35- Robinson Rd 
2:37-Perimeter Rd X Melody Lane 
2:40-Rainhill Station
2:42-McGregor Ln 
2:44-Orange Circle
2:46- Marmalade Trail 
2:50- Shoal Creek rd X Shoal Creek Ct
2:51- Shoal Creek rd 
2:55-Bent Ridge Dr
2:57-Burt Creek X Elliott Ct
3:01- Hwy 136
3:04- Bailey Waters Rd 
3:07- New Hope Circle 
3:09- Hwy 52
3:13- Joe Chester Rd 
3:16- Ridge Rd X Deer Trail 
3:18- Mountain View Rd 
3:20-Fern Valley Rd 
3:22- Crane Rd 
3:25- Amicalola Chase Subd
3:28- Amicalola Dr 
3:32- Crane Rd 
3:35-Hwy 136
3:39-Bearden Rd 
3:41- New Hope Rd 
3:43- Bailey Waters 
3:46- New Hope Circle ( @ CHURCH)
3:49- New Hope 
3:51- Hwy 136