Technology Fee and Device Questions

Technology Fee and Device Questions

Will all students receive iPads? Yes, students in grades K – 12 will receive iPads.

Will students be able to take the iPads home? Yes, students in Grade 6 and up, will be able to take the device home once they have completed the digital citizenship requirements. The 1:1 iPad initiative includes the vision for students to have access to the technology, resources, digital content and devices at home. There may be limited circumstances in which iPads may not go home with students.

What if parents do not want their student(s) to have a iPad? All students are being issued devices as a learning requirement of our initiative in the same manner the district issues textbooks or other required curriculum or materials. Parents with special concerns should contact their school’s principal.

Will students receive a protective case to transport the device? Yes, students will receive a protective case designed to hold and protect the iPad.

Are students required to use the district-issued protective case? Yes, all students who receive iPads to take home are required to use the district-issued protective case.

What happens to iPads when students move to another school within the district? The student iPad, protective case, and accessories will be transferred with the student to their new school within Dawson County. If students are withdrawing from Dawson County, the iPad, case, and accessories will be collected by the school, prior to releasing the student for withdrawal.

Will parents pay a fee for their student(s) to use the device? Yes, $10 per semester technology usage fee will be collected per student receiving a iPad. (Limited scholarships available)

Will parents have to pay a fee prior to their student receiving their iPad? Prior to students receiving a iPad, parents are asked to do the following: • Participate in the informational session • Sign the Responsible Use Policy  • Submit technology usage fee (Limited scholarships available). If the technology fee is not submitted, a $75 repair fee will be assessed for each repair on the device.

What does the technology usage fee cover? The technology usage fee will act as the district “self-insurance fund/pool” to assist with the sustainability of the devices. The technology usage fee will cover two repairs. Subsequent repairs after three will result in a $75 fee per repair. This includes limited accidental damages, upgrades, repairs, maintenance and any other district identified ongoing-costs to implement or support the device program. This does NOT cover intentional damage, neglect, abuse, improper care, loss or theft of the device.

What happens if a student intentionally damages a device? Intentional damage to school property will be dealt with according to the code of conduct.

What happens when students do not bring their devices to school or do not have them charged? School staff will follow current procedures for students who come to school unprepared or do not follow expectations.

Will a police report be required if a iPad is lost or stolen?  Yes, if the theft/loss occurs on school property, administrators will follow current procedures and will notify parents. If the theft/ loss occurs off school property, the parent/guardian must contact local law enforcement, complete a police report and notify school staff within 24 hours.

What happens to the iPads when students go to PE classes? Each school will have procedures for students, and advise them on securing iPads for PE classes or athletic events.

Can parents purchase private insurance to cover damages, loss or theft of the iPad? Parents should contact their insurance provider for further information.

Will students receive school-issued accounts or email? Yes, the district will issue email and device accounts to students.