How can I make a difference?  

If this is a question you have pondered, now may be the time for you to join those who...

Mentor Dawson

Mentors provide encouragement, support, and perspective from life experiences to students that make differences that last a lifetime.  To learn more, click HERE.

Background Check
     -Once/month at the Dawson County Board of Education building (see dates below)
     -Every Friday at Pioneer RESA in Cleveland at  8:30 a.m.
•MUST schedule an appointment for either location
     -Contact Jenna Brown at or (706) 265 - 3246 Ext. 1015
•Information required
     -Name, Address, Phone, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, Gender
•Upcoming dates
     -April 19, 2018
     -May 10, 2018
     -July 12, 2018

Upon successful completion of the background check, all mentors MUST participate in mandatory 2-hour training session.
•MUST pre-register for the training at least 24 hours prior to the training date.
     -Register online HERE
•Upcoming dates
     -April 24, 2018 (6 p.m.)
     -July 19, 2018 (6 p.m.)
•To CANCEL a registration
     -Click on the same registration link above
     -Complete the form again, but this time select "CANCEL PRIOR REGISTRATION"

Dr. Janice Darnell
Director of Student Support Services
(706) 265 - 3246 Ext. 1014