About School Nutrition

Mission Statement

The mission of the Dawson County School Nutrition Program is to be a part of the education process by providing students with nutritious meals and nutrition education experiences that promote healthy children who are ready to learn.

Benefits to Children

The Dawson County School Nutrition Program provides a nutritious breakfast and lunch for school children every day.  Free or reduced-price meals are available to students whose families meet qualifying economic guidelines.  The program provides meals that meet at least two-thirds of the recommended daily dietary allowances.  Meal choices offered each day include:  protein rich entrees, plenty of fruit and vegetable selections, whole-grain breads and cereals, and calcium rich milk.


The Dawson County School Nutrition Program is operated in accordance with the regulations of the Healthy Hunger Free Act of 2012, the regulations of the State Board of Education, and the Dawson County Board of Education.

Sources of funding for the School Nutrition Program include student and adult income, state funds, federal reimbursement for student meals based on income eligibility, and USDA donated commodity foods.

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Dawson County Schools offer healthy breakfasts every day.  Studies show that eating breakfast can help math, reading, and standardized test scores.  Breakfast also helps students pay better attention in class, perform problem-solving tasks, and improve memory.

Elementary schools offer “Breakfast in the Classroom,”  Serving breakfast in the classroom can help reduce tardiness and absences.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.