Robinson Elementary Bus Information

DRIVER:Beverly Gaydon

7:10- Gravitt Apts
7:12- Acorn Rd X  Hwy 53
7:15- Courtyard apts
7:18- Dawsonville Suites
7:20-Maple Street
7:21-Stegall Pl
7:23-S Maple st X Angela lane
7:26-Flat Creek Dr
7:30- S Maple Street  X Pearl Chambers Dr
7:33- Richmond Dr Subd
7:36- Mills Ford Rd 
7:44-Perimeter Rd X Rand 
7:46- Dawson County High School
7:49- Robinson Elementary

BUS #159

3:05- Courtyard  Dr Apts 
3:08-Dawsonville Suites
3:11-Howard Ave X Roy Hall St
3:14-Stegall Pl
3:16-S Maple St X Angela lane
3:18-Flat Creek Dr
3:22-S Maple Street X  Pearle Chambers Dr
3:24- Richmond Dr Subdivision
3:26-Mills Ford Rd 
3:28-Acorn Rd  X  Hwy 53
3:32- East gate Dr X Timber Walk ( Kinsington Subd)
3:35- Hwy 53 E 
3:40-Gravitt Apts

DRIVER:Rhonda Edwards


6:50- Etowah River Rd
6:56- Bethel Creek Dr
7:00-New Bethel Church Rd 
7:05- Hwy 136
7:07-Bruce Place X Hwy 136
7:10- New Bethel Church Rd X Illahee Rd
7:15-Brooksher Cir
7:18-N Seedtick Rd
7:20- Lochmere Ln x Crowne Pointe Dr
7:24- Crown Point Dr
7:29-Gold Bullion Dr W 
7:32-Gold Creek Dr
7:36- Jaquelyn Dr
7:40-Hwy 9 X Goswick Dr
7:45- Joseph Lane
7:48- Robinson Elementary School


3:05-Dawsonville Byp X Rand way
3:07- High School Bus Stop
3:12-Hwy 9 X Bruce Rd 
3:14- Joseph Lane 
3:17-Hwy 9 X Jaquelyn Dr
3:19-Hwy 136
3:22- Lochmere Ln X Crown Point Dr
3:25-Crown point Dr
3:27-Gold Bullion Dr W
3:31-N Seed Tick rd 
3:34-Brooksher Cir X Hwy 136
3:36-Bruce place X hwy 136 E 
3:39-New Bethel Church Rd X Buck Trail
3:42- Hwy 136
3:46-Hwy 136 X Sheffield Dr
3:50-Cothran Rd
3:53- New Bethel Church Rd 
3:57-Etowah River Rd 
4:00-Seed Tick Rd

DRIVER:Shannon Smith

6:45- Amicalola Church Rd 
6:53-Hubbard Rd X Steele Bridge X Amicalola Church Rd
6:59- North Gate Big Canoe entrance
7:02-Wildcat Recreation Park
7:06-Lankford  Dr
7:09- Steve Tate Rd X Afton Rd 
7:12-Afton Rd
7:14-Eagle Creek Farm Dr x Hwy 136
7:18-Hwy 136 x Primrose
7:20-Hwy 136
7:23-Little Mountain Rd X Tanner Hall Rd
7:26-Tanner Hall Rd
7:32- Dollar Rd 
7:36-Red Hawk Dr
7:39-Red Hawk Dr X Peregrin Ln
7:41-Red Hawk X Samson 
7:43-Burt Creek Rd
7:46-Junior High Bus Stop
7:48- Robinson Elementary School


3:05- Junior high bus stop
3:08-Red Hawk Dr
3:10- Red Hawk Dr x Peregrine ln 
3:12-Red Hawk  X Samson
3:16-Burt Creek Rd X Van Ingram Rd
3:19-Hwy 136
3:21-Dollar Rd 
3:24-Tanner Hall Rd 
3:28-Little Mountain Rd X Tanner Hall Rd
3:30-Hwy 136 X Primrose Pl
3:34-Eagle Creek Farm Dr X Hwy 136
3:37-Afton Rd 
3:40-Steve Tate Rd X Afton Rd
3:42-Wildcat Recreation Park
3:45-Lankford Dr 
3:49-Hubbard Rd 
3:50-Amicalola Church Rd 

DRIVER:Larry Reece

7:00-Handy Corner Store
7:06- End of Voyles Rd 
7:08-Voyles Rd X  Tinsley Chapel
7:13- Sweetwater Church Rd
7:16-Duck Thurmond Rd
7:18- Catbird Lane
7:20-Nuggett Ridge Rd 
7:23-Davis Rd 
7:26-Nuggett Ridge Rd X Golden Ridge Court
7:32-Sweetwater Juno Rd X Rainbow Lake Dr
7:35-Goldmine Rd 
7:39-Goldmine Rd X Cypress Trl
7:42-Goldmine Rd X Spruce Trl
7:44-Hwy 183
7:46-Creekstone Ln Roundabout
7:48-Robinson Elementary


3:05-Turner Rd X Robinson Rd 
3:10- Hwy 53 Berrys Towing
3:12-Creekstone Ln Round about
3:16-Hwy 53
3:19-Hwy 53 X Will Hall Rd
3:22-Hwy 183
3:27-Goldmine Rd X Spruce trl
3:33-Goldmine Rd X Cypress Trl
3:36-Goldmine Rd 
3:39-King Dr X Sweetwater Juno Rd 
3:41-Sweetwater Juno Rd 
3:46-Nuggett Ridge Rd 
3:50-Haygood Circle
3:53- Nuggett ridge  X Golden Ridge Ct
3:58- Davis Rd
4:02-Nuggett Ridge rd 
4:05-Duck thurmond Rd 
4:07-Catbird Lane 
4:09-Sweetwater Juno Church 
4:12-Tinsley Chapel Rd X Voyles Rd
4:15-End of Voyles Rd 
4:19-Handy Corner Store

AM Route
6:50-Bailey Waters Rd
6:53-New Hope Circle
6:56-JoeChester Rd 
7:01-Ridge Rd 
7:05-Ridge Rd X Splinter Trail
7:07-MCCormack Dr
7:10-April Trace Rd XFern Valley X Crane Rd 
7:13-Amicalola Dr
7:19-New Hope Rd
7:21-Old Henry Grady Rd
7:24-Old Henry Grady Rd X Reece Rd 
7:27-Old Henry Grady Rd X Cleve Wright Rd 
7:30-Bent Ridge Dr N
7:32-Bent Ridge Dr S
7:34-McGregor Lane 
7:41-Melody Lane X Perimeter Rd
7:45-Robinson Elementary school

3:05-Melody Lane X Perimeter Rd
3:07-Rainhill Station Dr X McGregor Ln
3:10-Mcgregor Ln
3:13-Rainhill Station Dr
3:16-Marmelade Trail
3:17-Shoal Creek Rd X Shoal Creek Ct
3:19-Bent Ridge Dr N
3:21- Bent Ridge Dr C-D-S
3:23-Old Henry grady X Cleve wright Rd
3:26-Cleve Wright Rd
3:30-Old Henry Grady Rd X Reece Rd
3:32-Old Henry Grady Rd
3:39-Bailey waters Rd
3:41- New Hope Circle
3:45-  Bailey Waters Rd 
3:47-Joe Chester Rd 
3:50-Ridge Rd
3:52-Ridge Rd X Splinter Trail
3:55- April Trace X Ridge Rd 
3:57- April Trace X Fern Valley X Crane Rd
4:00-Amicalola Dr
4:03-New Hope Rd


6:20- Burt Mountain Gravel Lot
6:40-Fausetts lake
6:43-Chastain Mill Rd
6:46-Rowland Rd X Hwy 183
6:48-Sweetwater Juno Rd
6:50-Woodys way X Reagan Rd
6:53-Reagan Circle
6:56- Sweetwater Juno Rd
7:05- Hwy 183 X Mildred Elliott Rd
7:08-Elliott Family Parkway
7:11-Cleve Wright Rd 
7:16-Howser Mill Rd 
7:20-Mill stone Dr X Mill crossing
7:23-River Mill Ln X Mill Crossing 
7:27- Dawsonville Apts
7:33-Robinson Rd X Hwy 9
7:37-Perimeter Rd 
7:43-Robinson Elementary school


3:05-Perimeter Rd
3:08- Robinson Rd X Hwy 9 
3:11-Maple Hill Dr
3:14- Dawsonville Apts
3:18- Millstone Subdivision
3:20-Mill Stone Dr X Mill Crossing
3:22-River mill  Ln X Mill Crossing
3:25- Howser Mill Rd 
3:28-Hwy 183
3:32- Cleve Wright Rd 
3:38- Hwy 183
3:41-Elliott family Pkwy
3:47- Sweetwater Juno Rd 
3:52- Woodys Way
3:55-Reagan Circle
4:00-Sweetwater Juno Rd 
4:08-Rowland Rd X Hwy 183
4:11-Chastain Mill Rd 
4:18-Smith Cr
4:24-Burnt Mountain Gravel Lot