BRIDGE Program (Ages 3-5)

Beginning Resources Individualized by Developmental assessment, Growth, & Education

Welcome to the BRIDGE Program!

This program is dedicated to the early identification and services of children, ages 3-5, with developmental delays and other exceptionalities. The program is designed with the developmental stages of the young child in mind. The curriculum offers pre-academic, play-based activities through which a child's Individual Education Program can be addressed. The BRIDGE program services are provided in a variety of locations throughout Dawson County, including a child's preschool or daycare provider or in BRIDGE program exceptional children classroom. 

If a child is found eligible for services, one or more of the following supports may be offered: social/emotional, adaptive, motor, communication, and/or cognitive support, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, and hearing/vision services. Services offered will be based on student needs. 

If you suspect a child under your care may be experiencing a delay, please notify the BRIDGE Program by contacting:
 Lauren Stephenson, Pre-School Facilitator, at

Preschool Parent Panel


Please join us for the Preschool Parent Panel, an informational and social gathering for parents of children in our BRIDGE program and professionals in the field of exceptional children.

Where: Riverview Elementary School
When: Last Friday of the Month from 8am - 9am (next meeting: 2/23/18)
Discussion topics will include parent rights, sensory strategies, communication strategies, IEP process, community resources, and more!

To sign up, click HERE